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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
I think Im slowly breaking free of my CPU upgrade obsession... we're planning to go see the pyramids next year, so more spending money for me
The way I see it is that nothing can really bottleneck your CPU as quickly as it'll bottleneck your RAM or HDD or GPU or whatever...So unless you're running an absolute dinosaur, you should be good for at least a few more years (and I recall you've got an X2 6000+ so that'll cut it for a wee while yet I'm the socket AM2 is supposed to hold all AM2+ and AM3 CPUs as well so even then you wouldn't even have to change you mobo)

OT: Watch out in Egypt it absolutely scorches there and you'll be surrounded by armed guards to visit the Piramids (Israel is just around the corner after all and they loves to shoot the Arab peoples yes they do)[/strong political opinion]

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