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Originally Posted by Tommycat
Don't cast MMO players as fat girlfriendless guys living in their mom's basement. I know more MMO players with good jobs a wife and kids than I do who fit the stereotype. In fact I know more console gamers who fit that stereotype(and no, I'm not saying console gamers fit the stereotype, just pointing out that stereotyping is a bad idea).
Not sure who you're addressing here, but just in case it's me, let me put it this way.

Yes, stereotyping is bad. Then again, I don't believe I've in any painted any MMO player like that. If people like MMOs, then fine. But I don't. And given how frequently I have to read people talking how crap TSL is, how much Nihilus sucks, and how much Obsidian ruined KotOR - all statements that I happen to feel quite different about - I don't feel particularly compelled to be shy with my own opinion on the matter. I can respect that people have a different opinion, but it does come at the price that people respect mine. Suffice it to say that I don't always feel it's the case, in which case I'm not going to bother explaining why I don't like MMORPGs. If people are not polite, then why bother? It's not as if my argument will change anyone's opinion... Indeed, bitter experience has taught me that blatant flamebait is often the only reward for that.

If people like MMOs and consolegames, fair enough. But I don't, and I'm not going to apologize for it either.

Originally Posted by Tommycat
If it is an MMO, they can spend more time on the development of your character. They can spend more time on developing your connection to the Force. They don't have to slap months/years of training into a cutscene. They can go more in depth into a story that doesn't have to fit on a single dvd. They can have a great deal of content stored on their servers, that just flat out wouldn't fit on a DVD.
If you're playing a pure stats-building exercise, sure. Frankly I can't be bothered, though. If I want that, then I play tabletop RPGs, which are still far more interesting, because that at least has a GM dedicated to the specific characters of our game rather than the "one size fit all"-programming of an MMORPG. Basically an MMORPG has no choice but to have a plot and execution that is complete open and simple, so that it can allow for any and all characters. But doing that also means you cannot do certain things, because the developer can assume or dictate nothing about the player's character. I'm still waiting for the time when we have neural networds acting as GMs in MMORPGs. Now, when that happens, then I'll likely be playing, because it'll be a unique experience focusing exclusively on my character every time. That cannot happen now, though.

SPRPGs are more like interactive novels. That allows for drama and depth of characters in addition to the fights. In MMORPGs you tend to have only the latter. For example, in an MMORPG, the exile would rock as a character, because he has unique powers. How are you going to convey the burden of being a hole in the force and the personal loss without the cutscenes, lengthy dialogues, etc.? Diablo II was oozing with atmosphere, yet it was still just hack 'n slash. And I hate it when a swarm of insects drop a suit of fullplate armor upon death...

Originally Posted by Tommycat
The thing that bugs me is the statement:
You can't change a persistent world in an MMO.
False. It just appears to you that it is not possible. However different factions can control planets. For instance: In the Koonda battle, you change the faction in power. You should be able to reverse that, if the two main characters on opposing sides are not killed. If you cause them to flee, you affect power on that planet. Mercenaries control it one day, a group of adventurers come by and liberate Koonda. Koonda is now free again. You can get several added quests for either Mercs or Adare. Jedi related quests could open up for Adare, Sith related could open up for Mercs. Heck you could open up some special jedi quests for when the Mercs are in power. Say liberate Koonda quests. These could be undone by Sith types who want the Jedi out when Adare is in power. This is just ONE idea. Of course we could use this type of example for any number of places affected by the first or second KotOR games. The only difference is whether it is permanent or reversable.
So, if I understand you correctly:

1. This area is constantly contested (= no persistent change, since the enemy could take over tomorrow)

2. Daily battles (how long before that becomes old hat? Sounds fairly boring to me...)

3. Constant escalation (mercenaries, then settlers, then jedi, then sith, then... Sure makes me wonder how big the jedi order and the sith armies would have to be keep that up in the long run, and just for one fairly minor planet too. Talk about suspense of disbelief... or even jumping the shark...)

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