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If they want independence, they can have it. But if Scotland has independence, there should be resolution of the West Lothian Question, and we should no longer have to subsidise them or their parliament - although I wonder why we do now.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
Free prescriptions,
Means higher taxes elsewhere, which means BBC News getting up in arms....
Originally Posted by Pavlos
free higher education,
Impossible or near-impossible with a population of 60 million, a "prizes for all and all must have prizes" approach to secondary education and trying to shove the entire population through an increasingly devalued university system.
Originally Posted by Pavlos
and the abolition of tolls on roads that you pay Road Tax for
Are you suggesting that the government give up a source of revenue?!

What is the First Rule of Acquisition?

Originally Posted by Pavlos
... I just want to know why the, supposedly socialist, party sitting in Westminster hasn't been doing these things rather than spending billions of sterling on wars and taking our civil liberties away.
An excellent question. To which I pose another - what makes you think they give a damn about our civil liberties, or other countries, or even this country when they can fatten their wallets with backhanders, etc, and then when they become too embarrassing, jump on the Brussels gravy-train?

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