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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious
Means higher taxes elsewhere, which means BBC News getting up in arms....
Well it's odd that the government doesn't increase a 50% income tax band for high-earners because, for once, it seems to be a populist policy (something like 60% of people want to "hammer the rich")

They wouldn't even need to reassess spending but simply shift more burden to that 50% band and abolish all these stealth taxes (taxes that target the classes who cannot afford to pay them - that is, the working classes and the lower middle classes), reimplement the 10% band and they'd be back on the track to egalitarianism. A revenue neutral tax change would increase social mobility and equality. Revenue Neutral! Without even spending a penny extra on public services... I would have thought this was a basic idea to grasp for the 'socialists' but it seems not.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious
Impossible or near-impossible with a population of 60 million, a "prizes for all and all must have prizes" approach to secondary education and trying to shove the entire population through an increasingly devalued university system.
I agree that if you have to fund Higher education privately then our current system is the fairest. In fact, we have the best benefits for students in Europe. However, as with the NHS, I feel we have duty to provide education which is free at the point of use to everyone and to hell if it means raising taxes and incurring the wrath of the Daily Mail.

Mr. Blair was ever so kind to burn the ladder of free education after he scuttled up it to Oxford University.

I don't think you're correct about devaluing the degree, though, yes there are many more degrees about - and some of them in less than academic subjects - but a degree from Cambridge, Durham, or LSE is still a degree from Cambridge, Durham, or LSE. -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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