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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
(although, if you saw one in your home, would you be so sorry if you squashed it?)
By accident? Of course.

However, I did make the statement that one cockroach matters just a little bit above than dirt - and I did not use "dirt" because of some derogatory reason, I could have used rocks, or trees, or whatever.

You seem to be referring to a statement that I can't recall making. Did I ever say cockroaches were useless/worthless? Er..... No. Everything has a place in the world, and a use. I firmly believe that. You seem to be putting words in my mouth, my friend.
But you actually choose to use the word dirt, however, and also added "they're just there". In fact you said:

"Neither can cockroaches affect the world in a good way - except for possible filling the food chain. And if they are in too great or too little numbers, it could go out of whack. Simply being powerless to do evil is a pretty weak argument to say that they are better. They are also powerless to do any kind of good.

So yes, they are sentient beings and God's creation, but if it was not for the latter ( and their place in the environment), you could say that they would be just a hair above dirt. They're just there.

in reply to: "Without intelligent minds they must be worth less than dirt huh?"

Which I think comes across quite "derogatory" especially when the context is already set to a 'worth of dirt'. And to put this shorter one could argue you think they are "useless" or "worthless".

No chance to chicken out.

I have actually noticed that you pretty much respond to half my posts, and ignore all the rest, though.
OK, what point did you bring up that I have not or insufficiently answered?

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to argue my view about sin when you don't even listen.
You have yet to show me that I didn't listen.

Putting words in my mouth....
Really? I think I was more likely putting meaning to your words.

Oh, no, I think it's very relevant. Are you actually going to answer the question?
I cannot see how it is relevant. But I surely will answer that question. Which one exactly?

Before this thread, I don't think any of us were trying to "spout god's oh so true words upon everybody who thinks different" on you.

Do you just have some mindset that religion is trying to impose its beliefs on yours? Seems to be some kind of problem on your end, because I certainly haven't done it. Are you kind of overly defensive about your views?
Please, let's review the whole sentence, not just what you quoted and thus put it slightly out of context: "one cannot spout god's oh so true words upon everybody who thinks different, and how one must respect religion and whatnot, and at the same time talk disrespectful about any other of god's creatures"

I was in no way defending "my views", merely trying make my point clearer.

In fact, you have been disrespecting God in some of your posts, much less His creation. And, well, that's your choice. Nothing I can do about it. But I just wonder the idea of disrespecting the Creator and then calling other people out because you think they are disrespecting the Creation.
Aah. Now you might see where I am coming from. *I* don't claim to be religious. *I* don't claim to follow god's word and see his word as law of all laws. *I* don't claim I respect him and have let him into my heart. But *you* do/did. And Corinthian does/did. Or am I wrong with that?

I might as well now stress once more what has been said: "duct taping cockroaches to tools" or "one hair above dirt".

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