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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Huh? You mean you don't think that Mission's a great role model for exuding hawtness?!? Guess I've just regained some respect for you.
"Hawtness" and being a role model are two quite different things...

Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
Barbra Streisand.

Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
The ends never justify the means.
In a perfect world, sure. But believe it or not most of the time the ends do actually justify the means, happens every day. For good or ill.

Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
Since you addressed me above I'll address your selection of 'role models' they are anything but.
  • Jolee, failed Jedi and while he has a good heart and nature, a role model he isn't. Actually he is a good reason for the Jedi to have those 'no attachments' rules.
  • Carth, again nice guy, with issues, but a 'role model'? No.
  • Mission, she is spunky and also has a good heart, but she is far from role-model material. Perhaps when she is older and has done some things to make herself one. Then again she also has a possibility of never having this chance.
  • Mira... you got to be kidding?
Sorry mate.

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