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In fact, I think none of the major characters in TSL are good role-models...

Exile: Has been in denial about severing his/her own connection to the force for a decade and continues to.

Kreia: I'm not even going to waste my breath explaining it.

Handmaiden: Betrays her oath to her sisters and Atris because she lusts after the exile, since he reminds her of her dead father. Ewww...

Disciple: Abandons his jedi training because he cannot get the woman teacher that he has a crush on...

Visas: Former sith assassin who remains ruthless and demonstrating complete lack of compassion for suffering individuals even after she has been "turned back to the light"

Atton: Extremely dark past that he absolutely will not reconcile with or accept the consequences of.

Bao-Dur: Admits to feeling joy and celebrating the deaths of the Mandalorians he killed during the war...

Mandalore: Finds it perfectly acceptable to conquer neutral worlds by attacking civilian targets.

Mira: Bounty hunter for hire who poisons the exile. Nuff said.

Hanharr: Killed his own tribe.

HK-47: Trigger-happy assassin droid who likes nothing better than to hear to the dyings screams of his targets.

T3-M4: Hmmm, actually T3 is probably not a bad choice. But he is a droid, and he DOES willfully put the exile in jeopardy in order to fulfil the quest Carth/Bastila gave him, which is not a very nice thing to do.

G0-T0: Uhm... just listen to any two conversations from him...

"It is all that is left unsaid upon which tragedies are built" - Kreia

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