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Originally Posted by Prime
I guess it is basically a culmination of a pet peeve I have with the EU. Basically, in the films, the Force allows Jedi and Sith to enhance their physical abilities, affect the world around them, and give them limited telepathic powers. That's it. The EU has **** like people blowing things up with their mind, creating wormholes to destroy capital ships, electric judgment, etc. Now they've added time travel. It is just so over the top. The EU has taken Jedi and Sith and turned them into gods and superheroes, not the super soldiers/police they are portrayed as in the films. It makes those such as Anakin, Yoda, and Palpatine, who are supposed to be the best each order has, arguably for all time, and makes them into a bunch of wimps. Who needs a clone army when you can destroy entire fleets with your mind?

On top of that, you have all the other silliness and inconsistencies that come with the EU, like only 3 million clones, people live well into their 120's, and a starfighter that was nearly indestructible and could destroy an entire star system. Yuck.[/rant]

That's the short answer.
Lots of sillyness in the EU, sure.

But to cast it all in the "EU" pot and condemn it all seems rather too easy a thing to do. You generalize far too much IMHO.

Of course some stuff in the EU sucks, but, well, "look at the size of that thing..."

In short: Given the amount of material done in the EU, of course some of it is crap, especially since the EU is basically anything other than the movies.

Are you going to suggest to me that there isn't crap in the movies? Because if you are, then we'll just have to agree to disagree. I hated JarJar and the midi-chlorians. In the EU I at least get the option of claiming that it's "not quite canon", whereas in the movies I don't get to nix JarJar or the midi-chlorians because George says that's the way it is

No, I don't like time travel in Star Wars either, but it's as if you're taking the most extreme examples you can find and then using those to condemn all of the EU. That's not quite fair IMHO. The EU has crap nonsense, but there is plenty of good stuff there too... just like in the movies. Why don't you give any credit for the good stuff?

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