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Originally Posted by TiE23 starts up in half the time as XP. It looks pretty, and the desktop never lags like it did for me all the time on XP.
I call shenanigans. What was the computers specs with XP and what's the computers specs with Vista? Because I know that XP started for me in half the time it started vista on my laptop. Yes, even after removing the bloatware on Vista and installing everything I use on XP.

And no, I don't particularly love the fact that I have to jump through 9 f***ing hoops to play CS:S on linux. However, until more developers like id Software and Epic decide, "Hey, lets support linux also." we have to do that. Yes it sucks, however, when I can get just as good a framerate on Linux with a game as I do on windows (which by comparison is slower and less secure with less customization), I'm happy. Am I happy that it took 3 days of troubleshooting to work? No. But until more developers support linux, that's what we gotta do.

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