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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Besides, my question remains...

Why should this MMORPG be set in the KotOR era, when it will both alienate a portion of the fanbase while also not fitting with the on-going plot of the previous games?
Better make that question more main - Why should there be MMORPG in the Star Wars universe? I cannot think of a time period of the Star Wars history that will be suitable for a MMORPG game. It's just that they cannot make a good MMORPG for Star Wars, otherwise if they do, it will probably be non-canon.

Imagine you're playing KotOR MMO... You're facing... Revan, for example, and you battle... And in the same time some n00b is whispering you: "hey i sell blaster pistol 500 creds" or something...

Edit: If LA/Bio will try to suprise us with a MMORPG from Star Wars KotOR era, they will probably "invent" new factions because as I read from previous posts, not many Jedi/Sith are left in Post-TSL era. They will make a new faction like they did "Zann Consortium" in SW: EAW: FOC.

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