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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Nor have I ever said so. But it's not like I'm the only person in existence who like the KotOR games but don't want to play the KotOR MMORPG, so doing that WILL mean alienating a certain part of the KotOR community. Not all, no, and frankly I'm not sure how many, but I've scarcely been the only one here voicing that position.
Yeah, but I doubt LA is going to read your post and say "Looks like we have made some people angry... we should stop now." Yes, they will alienate you. Thats what game production is all about: Aiming for a particular audience and not caring much about the rest since they know it would be foolhearty to try and win them over. It is also about making a game that will in turn make them the most money from their target audience.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
Indeed, I might equally spin it the other way and ask why you suggest that doing KotOR MMORPG won't alienate anyone and will be accepted by all when there is clear indications that is not the case.
Maybe one day humanity will create a game that will make all people happy...

You cannot make everybody happy. You just happen to fit in with the group of people that do not like the idea.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
Why should this MMORPG be set in the KotOR era, when it will both alienate a portion of the fanbase while also not fitting with the on-going plot of the previous games?
Again, you cannot please everyone. Sure, set it in the future. You are alienating another group of people. Set it further in the past... yet again alienating. I hate to say it, but this is not about you. At all. All I am getting from your posts is that you want it your way, or you will abandon all hope and possibly throw a fit. Please, correct me if I am reading your posts wrong.

Do you know the plot after TSL? Do you know everything that happens far and in-between? No, and you cannot pretend you do. There is plenty of room for possible plot. You simply deny that one can exist.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
TSL needs a spiritual sequel. It has an open ending begging for closure. Star Wars MMORPG, on the other hand, has no need of KotOR whatsoever, since this new game is a blank canvas. Just go anywhere from 100 to, say, 3000 years after TSL, and the deves can do pretty much whatever they want. Why is that not an option?
There is nobody saying that a sequel wont be made. It is unlikely, but it is possible. I doubt the actual sequel will ever be made partly because it is Obsidian's story, and only they know where the story was supposed to go. Any sequel released by anybody else will be by a different group with different veiws, as I see it highly unlikely that LA will ask help from Obsidian ever again.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
In short, doing the MMORPG as part of the KotOR series will mean the KotOR games are dead to me, whereas doing the MMORPG in another time period means that I can at least still be considered a potential customer.

Now, which is better for LA in the long run?
So, it will be dead to you. Do you honestly, -honestly- think you not getting the game will cause any major problems for the MMO? Do you really think you are that important? An MMO can bring in millions a month, and you would be $15 of those millions. Sure, it would be disapointing to see some people leave the Kotor fanbase but at the same time a lot of new people would join and many existing fans would most likely still play the game, also adding the new sales of Kotor 1 and TSL for people catching up to the storyline.

So, which is better? Hmmm... I'm going to have to go with losing you as a customer to pull in a larger fan-base and create a cash-cow. Again, this is not about you. They make an MMO in another time block, LA will lose and gain fans. That is how the gaming industry works.

Originally Posted by The Architect
LA would be foolish to disregard the awesome plot potential KotOR3 has as a SPRPG. The plot, the characters, the dialogue choices... can you have all that awesome stuff that made K1 & K2 awesome in a MMORPG? From what I've heard, you can't, so just why exactly would someone want to fix something that ain't broke?
Because making an MMO has potential for much, much more money? Yes, it will be an entirely different game. So was World of Warcraft to the Warcraft games. Now Blizzard pulls in over 135 million a month in fees. They lost some fans from the original Warcraft games, but gained over 9 million players. I'd say thats a pretty good trade-off.

Yes, a SPRPG would be nice, but TSL's writers and holders of the storyline are in Obsidian. As I said, any sequel made by anybody else would be of different veiws and opinion on where the story should go. Not a bad thing if Bioware were to get ahold of it, but I doubt LA will go running back to Obsidian anytime soon for Kotor 3. It is possible, though. And nobody says that a Kotor 3 is never going to be made.

This, again, is assuming that this MMO is Star Wars and Kotor related.

And who knows. Maybe the MMO will bomb and they will decide to go along with a Kotor 3 SPRPG when the riots begin to grow in number.
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