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Originally Posted by True_Avery
Because making an MMO has potential for much, much more money? Yes, it will be an entirely different game. So was World of Warcraft to the Warcraft games. Now Blizzard pulls in over 135 million a month in fees. They lost some fans from the original Warcraft games, but gained over 9 million players. I'd say thats a pretty good trade-off.

That is all well and good but why does everyone assume that this announcement means a KOTOR MMORPG?

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a KOTOR MMORPG, and thought I am squarely in the SRPG camp, I can understand *why* LA may want to create an MMORPG - especially using a really juicy franchise.

The fact however is, that the MMORPG currently being created by Bioware, for quite some time in my neighboring town of Austin is something Bioware has hinted at being their own property- plus something that attracted the attention of EA. While making an MMORPG may make great business sense, it would not make business sense for Bioware to make two. It also seems bizzare to suddenly claim that the property they have been speaking of with so much love and pride suddenly becomes "co-written" by someone else.

Look at the current releases: Mass Effect comes out in November, Dragon Age is considered a 2008 release, which leaves them with only one known title in development- Sonic. Apart from that they have the "unnamed" MMORPG which they have been talking about for quite some time.

Is it reasonable to presume that Bioware will make yet another MMORPG for LA? IMO- NO! Is it reasonable to assume Bioware will make another title- console, PC, or whatever for LA? Yes.

It is entirely possible that the MMORPG for LA may well be made by someone else and Bioware has been hired to work on another title.
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