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Originally Posted by Fish.Stapler
They are hounded as insane, stupid, and fringe by most of society and the media it seems, while more "left-leaning" extremists tend to receive more publicity and less condemnation.
To be honest, I dislike Coulter because I think she's Anti-Semitic after her last set of comments about Christians and Jews. Limbaugh sometimes I think is a little bit too radical, but honestly he does little that really hurts anyone. In fact, he probably benefited from his latest "flap" and he also turned it into a very charitable cuase, raising $4 million for the children of killed soldiers in Iraq. Don't know enough about Savage or Robertson (I know Robertson is on the 700 Club and CBN, which makes him a religious type, and therefore bad) to make a comment on them. But the fact I don't know what they did and I'm actively watching news and politics tells me they haven't done much.

But yeah, I didn't mention radical conservatives because they are so small and do little. The left, however, has done a lot of disruption and antagonizing, unlike the conservatives who just say some dumb things every now and again. So, back on point, do you agree Liberals have gotten more radical in the last few years or not?

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