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Originally Posted by RedHawke
Huh? :eyeraise
Hint: First letter in each of the nut job’s name

Originally Posted by RedHawke
In a perfect world, sure. But believe it or not most of the time the ends do actually justify the means, happens every day. For good or ill.
No using even a little bit evil to do a greater good is never justified.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
Since you addressed me above I'll address your selection of 'role models' they are anything but.
  • Jolee, failed Jedi and while he has a good heart and nature, a role model he isn't. Actually he is a good reason for the Jedi to have those 'no attachments' rules.
  • Carth, again nice guy, with issues, but a 'role model'? No.
  • Mission, she is spunky and also has a good heart, but she is far from role-model material. Perhaps when she is older and has done some things to make herself one. Then again she also has a possibility of never having this chance.
  • Mira... you got to be kidding?
Sorry mate.
Sorry but I don’t look for perfection on in my role models. Depending on your beliefs, there has never been a perfect human being and there never will be.

Yes, Jolee is a good reason to the “No Attachment” rule. However he did learn from his mistake and did not repeat it.

I’ll admit that I letting my biases and even my interpretation of Mira’s history color my selection of her.

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