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Originally Posted by Sabretooth
That's hardly worth making an application for, IMO. That'll fit nicely as a Firefox extension, or better yet, a native feature for the next Firefox.
Whatever man. It came in very handy for me. The whole idea of freeware is fulfill a need (usually a minor need) where it exists.

And to keep on topic of this thread, here's another one. I was just noticing how my hard drive was getting full and wanted to know which folders were storing the most stuff. Dirlot came in handy for that.

Sure, most of the results could've been determined from a Windows search for big files, but that wouldn't have found the the folder of extracted XP Service Pack 2 files (many small files) which I had kept for some reason.

Also worth pointing out: bgbennyboy's USB Ejector for the sake that it responds to commandline switches, thereby saving you at least one click if you create a shortcut that incudes them.
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