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Right. Time to throw in my two cents before throwing myself on my (rather huge amount of) homework:

Imo, there's nothing wrong with a Single player RPG. Kotor 1 and 2 worked out that way. Baldurs Gate worked out that way. Etc.

But I'm not against an MMORPG either. Why? Here I go:

1. Galaxies is the fine example of lack of creative vision and strenght. The original Jedi system was incredibly harsh (unknown prequisites, I believe 3 jobs?) had to be obtained and maxed.
n00bs, or...less...experienced and willing players complained. So then you could choose a Jedi from the start, and Random15yearoldidiot1995 walks around flourishing his lightsaber, whilst other players had completed the previous, FAR more intense questline. This is THE worst motivation to keep playing.
2. By doing so, the balance in the game shifted. Let's face it: Jedi should be powerfull. But if 99% of the population of the game is Jedi, there's no challenge and balance.

Right. Not some Ztalkerian suggestion for the possible new MMO:
1. In Kotor, non-Jedi enemies could be a tough opponent for any Jedi. Keep this intact, and even add some...'special' stuff for the non-Jedi classes to keep the advantage over Jedi. Because eventually, a lv 20 Jedi will be stronger then a lv 20 Bounty Hunter.
Give this bounty hunter the...for the hell of it..."Mandalorian Jedi Killer Technique" skill/power, obtained from a Mandalorian NPC who fought against the Jedi. The bounty hunter now receives a +? bonus against Jedi. Now give him a Cortosis blade to spar, and there we go.
2. Give interesting...extra's to non-Jedi characters.
There are so many possibilities. For example: Bounty hunters can fly and buy every ship they want. They can take contracts from the Sith Empire AND the Republic. Give them some cool skills like 'Scoundrel's Luck,' 'Solo shoots first' etc to make them interesting.
3. Restrict Jedi characters. They can only fly the ships of the Jedi Order. They can't enter Sith space, add some Yasilimiri's for powerfull non-Jedi players to get, etc.
4. Make it an...sarcrifice to befome a Jedi. Your previous skills will be undone. As Jedi you start with a clean sheet. That way, Jedi won't be the Jedi class atop of their previous. Also, armor restrictions for Jedi. AND..the bounty on Jedi should be alive. Any non-Jedi player can attack a Jedi. If killed he receives a...'proof'' whatsoever for killing the Jedi, which he/she can deliver for money. If the Jedi however, kills them instead, he is set back in experience, and his name will be known to the authorities until he pays it off. No more Republic mission for him/her then.
5. Class-planets. Mykkr for the rogues (Jedi can't feel the force there, so no over-powered Jedi can come there and slay them). Give the Bounty hunters Nar Shaddaa, etc.

Just some random thoughts...cheers

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