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Originally Posted by adamqd
I've been on this forum for close to a year now, and all I've heard about is how Obsidian will be the only company that could possibly continue KotOR, and how bioware is the past, and K1 was cliche and TSL was a masterpiece, and I'm going round Avellones for a booty call, Blah Blah... this thread is the closest thing to good news for kotOR I've heard in a while, let me savor this moment before the disgruntled MMO haters and TSLites brainwash me into thinking that this possible project will fail

Go Bioware!!
Though I'm not keen on MMO's, I personally wouldn't mind a KotOR one if it steered clear from a possible K3 and took a different direction (Sith War, Mandalorian War, etc...), what I would mind is monthly fees, I already pay for the game and my broadband, I refuse to pay for any game every month just to be allowed to play it (and don't give me the "but they need money to run the servers blah blah" BS, I'm sure LA could keep the servers alive without monthly fees and still make a profit, hell I'm sure Blizzard could do it too now that they're going into expansion packs, but I'm trailing off here...)

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Right. Not some Ztalkerian suggestion for the possible new MMO...
I like a lot of those ideas actually, well done...Here's hoping common sense is as widespread as you might hope.

Jedi are restricted IRL( know ) though, they would have to answer to the Jedi order, do what they're told, not shag, etc etc...
You could apply the same penalties to the Sith, answer to your master, don't go around parading in Jedi territories etc etc...

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