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Originally Posted by TiE23
Not a problem. I have 700gb of space on my computer. And I have a "TV Shows" folder that weighs over 180gigs alone.
ITT e-Penis.

Originally Posted by TiE23
And Vista owns XP no matter what you say. You shouldn't judge an OS from downloading the open beta from a year ago.
Originally Posted by TiE23
So, Vista for Crysis = Loss of a few frames per second in performance.
then Linux = It's completely ****ing broken. But I didn't want to play Crysis anyway, it sucks/needs a super computer to play.
ITT butthurt Vista users attempt to justify paying over 9000x more for a broken OS.

Originally Posted by TiE23 starts up in half the time as XP. It looks pretty, and the desktop never lags like it did for me all the time on XP.

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