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Originally Posted by importedbeer
That is all well and good but why does everyone assume that this announcement means a KOTOR MMORPG?
Welcome importedbeer! How nice of you to come over and hobnob a bit with some of us LF peeps. Not everyone assumes the LucasArts/BioWare project is a KotOR MMORPG. I personally feel that it's going to be a MMORPG based in the SW universe and will be sorely disappointed if the game's timeline is set after 1,000 BBY. Of course it will be even better if it turns out to be SPRPG KotOR 3 but I'm not real hopeful of that outcome.
Originally Posted by importedbeer
The fact however is, that the MMORPG currently being created by Bioware, for quite some time in my neighboring town of Austin is something Bioware has hinted at being their own property- plus something that attracted the attention of EA.
What have you read that makes you think BioWare's MMORPG is their own IP? That flies in the face of the BioWare and Pandemic Studios profile that EA published on their investor website right about the time they made the announcement of the BioWare/Pandemic acquisition. The row for the BioWare MMORPG doesn't have a check mark in the owned IP column, like Mass Effect and Dragon Age do, thus leading one to conclude the BioWare MMORPG is using a licensed IP for their MMOG.
Originally Posted by importedbeer
Is it reasonable to presume that Bioware will make yet another MMORPG for LA? IMO- NO! Is it reasonable to assume Bioware will make another title- console, PC, or whatever for LA? Yes.
I have to disagree. BioWare turned down the opportunity to make KotOR II, why would they go back to making more console/PC SPRPG titles for licensed IP from LucasArts when they've been doing just fine on their own and are well-established in the SPRPG genre? However if one considers the game development strategy BioWare has employed one will note that BioWare uses licensed IP when starting development for a new platform or genre. They did it with SPRPG (NWN and KotOR) and they did it again for the handheld platform (Sonic). If past behavior is any indication then it's quite reasonable to expect their MMORPG to use a licensed IP, even if one ignores the aforementioned BioWare studio profile posted on EA's investor website.

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