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How did a gangster remote become a great role model? Even more bizarre is that I actually may agree with it, LOL.

Anyway, a great role can make mistakes as long they own up to the fact they did and not continually make them.

'Hawtness' is not a good reason for a role model, it's just a bonus,lol.

Carth- is a nice choice, paranoid yes but can't really blame the guy.

Mission - no, she's a scoundrel at heart and whiny.

Canderous - .......... next

HK - if we are gonna bring droids in as options T3-M4 is a better choice than a bloodthirsty droid, but he is funny

Bastila- the scene where that guy on Tantooine is surrounded by droids because of his wife, Bastila's reaction killed any chance of her being a positive influence.I'm not even gonna go into the rest of her actions.

Jolee- is a great choice, however he has a scoundrel past to which he shows no remorse and basically lives in trees for 20 years not helping anybody.

Juhani - too spineless , if it weren't for Revan I highly believe she would be a Sith.

Handmaiden - ditches her vows to fight over a hot Jedi , noooo

Kreia- great villian ,yes.great role model, no.

Atton- lovable Han Solo wanna be but no.

Mira - even after she becomes a Jedi she still considers the Exile her bounty.Nice girl but alas no.

Bao Dur - issues,issues.Needs a shrink STAT

Hanhaar- umm,no

Visas- love the girl but even when turned 'good' she still has a very ' unique' stand on things.

Disiple- I didn't get to have the hot teacher so I left the order....wait she's come back must follow her like a dog in heat.

GO-TO- Will kill whoever it needs to for 'stability' in the galaxy.I saw a droid with a 'God complex'.

My choice suprisingly didn't even think of until this morning - Zalbaar. Loyal. Protects a whiny brat. Stands up for whats right even if it goes against his family's interests.A bit tempermental but mostly keeps his mouth shut so I can play the game without constant interuptions. Carth's a close second.Yes whiny but he follows Revan's orders to protect the Republic and when Saul approached him to turn him ,he refused. Overall a good guy who's not power hungry.Who is honestly trying to help/protect the galaxy.

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