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If LA wants to do a Star Wars MMORPG, then why don't they just make it completely separate from KotOR3, so it doesn't piss off those of us who want K3 to be a SPRPG and it doesn't piss off those who want a Star Wars MMORPG?

It's not as if the production cost would outweigh the return. I mean seriously, look around. I guarantee you that a significant chunk of the KotOR3 buyers will be fans of the previous KotOR games.

Is it just a coincidence that many of us fans here and those on the other KotOR based forums speak about K3 topics as if they expect and hope it to be a SPRPG? I think not. LA would be foolish to leave us in the dark.

Okay sure, we don't represent the majority, but you can't help but think given the overwhelming favouritism of a SPRPG K3 over a MMORPG K3 on the Internet, it suggests that it wouldn't be so different off-Internet wise.

If it costs more, so what? You have to remember that pleasing as many customers as possible is the most important thing in business. Just ignoring and disregarding some customers for the sake of others is stupid, since you just don't know how profitable to your organisation they may be.

LA made the same mistake with TSL. They didn't think ahead. They thought "Oh yeah, we'll rush this game out for Christmas and make more money".

They would've made more if TSL came out in Feb for both the Xbox and PC, since there would've been people who heard about the games cut content kaffufle and boycotted it, waiting to buy it later on when it's cheaper and download TSLRP.

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