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Originally Posted by Tommycat
Talking about Enterprise as an example of turning your back on the fans is a poor example. A better one would be Metallica. I used to be a Metallica fan, and I cannot stand how they dumped their original fan base. Financially though, I have to admit that it made them MORE fans and cash than they had before. They had made a wise decision to cut loose the ones who made them big, and in the end it made a huge profit over the relatively lackluster sales they had before. Metallica concerts sold out every show they played. CD sales exploded. Merch flew off the shelves. Original fans of them whine and cry about how Metallica "Sold out" but in a business sense, selling out is a good thing. Metallica will never get another dime from me. But they make it up with the thousands they get from their new fans.

I think that is indeed the best example yet. First time fans jumped ship, but Metallica kept some and made new ones too. Enterprise never managed to do that.

Originally Posted by The Architect
Actually, I'm neither a casual or hardcore gamer. I almost never play games. I just happen to be a big fan of the KotOR games. But still, doesn't mean I alone represent the rest of the casual/infrequent gamers.
I'm sorry then, I mistook your intention.

Still, I think we'll never have a good ensemble view of the market, from our little standpoint and that's what I wanted to mention.

Originally Posted by The Architect
As possible = make both, technically.

I'll leave it at that.
Well, my point was that it's entire possible that it's not financially viable for LA to invest into two games. Not exactly knowing how much they're willing to spend for such a venture, I can't say I'm 100% sure of anything. I'm just saying that if they can't please everyone, so be it.

From what little I know though, making both would be commercially viable because of reasons I've already mentioned.

Blizzard actually sold another copy of Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne thanks to WoW. I'm not representative of anything, but I had only played the WC3 demo before WoW and after that, I wanted to know the lore. To make a better, I'll mention one of Relic's strategies when making their expansion, Dark Crusade, a standalone game. Well, first off, you needed the original and the 1st x-pac to play with all the races in MP, but another was how they decided to use DC to attract people into playing the original and the first x-pac, Winter Assault. They thought:"Hey, if people like DC, they might want to play Dawn of War and Winter Assault,for the SP campaign." By the way, the SP campaigns in both games are pretty good. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.

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