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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Michael Savage, etc...

So the right doesn't have radicals?
First off, I didn't see anyone say that the right doesn't have radicals. That being said, of your list, Savage is definitely a radical...Pat Robertson definitely has a little radical in him. Ann Coulter uses biting wit to make her commentary actually be interesting. A lot of people don't like that because it's too blunt to be politically correct, but the United States could use a bit less political correctness and a bit more bluntness. Anyone who thinks she's anti-Semitic really doesn't understand what she was talking about.

Rush Limbaugh is no radical, he's a conservative commentator who's been wildly successful. I've never seen an allegation of radicalism against Limbaugh (or most other conservative talk radio hosts) that couldn't be attributed to taking his words out of context.

Conservatism itself (unlike what you seem to think) is not radical, it's the actions taken that make someone a radical. The left's radicalism started long before Bush became president. If you think it's Bush that makes lefties radical, just remember that leftist hippie wackos likely would have set much of America on fire by now if a real conservative had been elected president. Bush isn't the problem, the liberal sense of entitlement and tendency to throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way is the problem.

For the most part, conservatives don't go out marching in the streets whenever they don't get their way. Liberals, on the other hand, brought us the term "professional protester."

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