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Negative Sun wrote:
Jedi are restricted IRL( know ) though, they would have to answer to the Jedi order, do what they're told, not shag, etc etc...
You could apply the same penalties to the Sith, answer to your master, don't go around parading in Jedi territories etc etc...
Another excellent example. Making Jedi answer to the Jedi order makes them restricted. it means they can't go on a killing spree without getting exiled etc. Maybe it's possible...that if a Jedi would do something...strange, he should be given punishment? Maybe removal of previliges?
Combine this with an...rank system for Jedi. There are X quests for the Jedi. Those quest will be activated by (for example) a Sith player/Bounty Hunter/Rogue doing something wrong. The Jedi players can then accept the Job and arrest/kill/do nothing. Like in the RPG prequels, it will determine your allignment and respone from the council.
If you simple kill the guy, you will be...punished by the council. Stripped of the Force? Break your lightsaber? Temporary Exile +temporary removal from Force Powers? Beiing 'forced' to retake the 'noob' Jedi training quest?

These might seem harsh, but are just the way of the Jedi. Why not profit of their harsh training methods and way of thinking?

Your option of 'not shagging' is a good one as well. Jedi aren't allowed such attachments. Making that Twilek give you that neck massage might prove to be a stupid matters of of both punishment by the NPC council and STD's.

If only we were alowed to make the rules for this game...dang...

@ Tommycat: Excellent idea. It would make the smuggler/rogue a really exciting class to play. Taking a mission from the Republic...sneak behind the lines using your Bockade Buster or underworld contacts...make your way through all those Sith players without getting noticed...(Yelling "Where can I find NPC XYZ to kill?" might earn you a few blaster 'n saber cuts to live with)...

Anyways...made up some more...idea's by looking at other MMO's, this time regarding character customising:
-Being able to create every single aspect of your character is very appealing. The nose, the mouth etc. This works together with the individual 'omg I rock!' feeling when defeating an enemy.
1. Be able to create your own blasters and vibroswords. You should be able to buy a standard kit, then be able to customise it on workbenches. Just accuire the parts from other players or NPC traders, and go. Just add that Scope of +3 vs walking know you want to...
2. Be able to dye/details every aspect of your armor. There should be several layers for your armor, and visible. Kotor already has this. But be able to SHOW it. Also, you should be capable of adding small details on it. Maybe several quests give you ribbons or small stuff? Be able to hang it on your belt. Add some Wookie scalps to your shoulder.
3. Scars. After a fight you'll be randomly scarred. You can choose to remove them at the hospital, or bear them. This might not fit the coninuity, but will improve your bonding with your character. "See this scar? This one's from a Krayt Dragon!" While you removed the emberassing blaster wound from that 14 year old Rogue player.

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