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@ Astro, sorry about that

Asus seem keen on stepping up to play in the big league, and they're quite right! I personally haven't used Asus but I've never heard a bad word about them either (I've been using MSI products for many years now and will continue to do so cause I'm familiar with their BIOS and all that, it doesn't have all the latest tricks and maybe isn't as popular, but it works for me and I like them )

Originally Posted by stingerhs
well, Nvidia is about to lose a lot of wind out of their sales with the 8800 GT. the "new" Radeon 3800 series launch is soon upon us (November 19), and the prices will range from $150 -$179 for the 3850 and $200 - $230 for the 3870 series. this will put the new Radeons in an excellent price range for mainstream buyers, and the performance is supposed to be on par or better than the current 2900 XT's. and since these cards use a 55nm GPU, its my guess that overclocking is going to be a dream.

Good read that, here's hoping the bechies and reviews are favorable to them and it looks AMD/Ati are at least back in the GPU race for the win...

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