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Originally Posted by Char Ell
Welcome importedbeer! How nice of you to come over and hobnob a bit with some of us LF peeps. I personally feel that it's going to be a MMORPG based in the SW universe and will be sorely disappointed if the game's timeline is set after 1,000 BBY. Of course it will be even better if it turns out to be SPRPG KotOR 3 but I'm not real hopeful of that outcome.
Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I agree that it *could* be a Starwars based MMORPG. My arguments were based off the assumption that it would be a KOTOR based MMORPG and if I have made typos or mistakes alluding to the implausibility of it being a Starwars based IP, I apologize.

What have you read that makes you think BioWare's MMORPG is their own IP? .
Oh it is entirely possible I am wrong. I base it more on the feel of what they say based on over a dozen threads on their secret MMORPG...because they have gone through such lengths to dismiss that they will make a KOTOR based game, and keep talking about their "original" premise. It is possible that they are actually talking about an original premise within a Starwars related universe-and going around our arguments that way- but they are usually not that sneaky

I am a terrible judge of mood and nuance though, so my opinions are usually way off base, but in the forums I did get a strong sense that it was an original IP or atleast an IP that was new to its fans- which neither KOTOR or Starwars is. I also thought it relatively less likely that EA would base its acquisition on the base of an IP owned by someone else.

If past behavior is any indication then it's quite reasonable to expect their MMORPG to use a licensed IP, even if one ignores the aforementioned BioWare studio profile posted on EA's investor website.
You make a valid point. Again my reasoning for this is a bit complex, so please bear with me

Bioware is still trying to keep its PC base happy because they have a humongous roster of existing fans who can be leveraged if they go the MMORPG route. Unlike many others, one of the most important facts about Bioware is that they can count on bringing in new people into the MMORPG genre, instead of solely stealing from other IPs.

Now imagine I am a developer. Sure MMORPGs are a huge, attractive market. I want to launch one. On one hand- an existing IP is a surer bet, and I totally agree that this could be an existing IP.

However an existing IP based on KOTOR- far riskier given their existing fan base. There is polarity in this concept- some people will embrace it- some people will hate it (atleast until there is an official ending to the KOTOR story), and given that Bioware is still investing in its PC base with games like Dragon Age, it doesn't not seem like a good strategic sense to get them riled.

Taking the universe beyond the traditional confines of a SRPG is not as much of the issue as much as the fact that Obsidian- unknowingly- has created a rather sticky situation with their cliffhanger Kotor 2 ending. If Bioware wants to leverage its base to boost their MMORPG as well as maintain them for future releases, they will know from their forums and feedback that touching KOTOR and potentially even the universe is more polarizing than taking another healthy IP- perhaps even a Lucas based IP and running with that instead. Again, just my opinion.
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