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Invasion: The Resistance

((OCC-You can still join if you want just post a Sheet in the D&R thread))

Richard Cole walked down a street that was once shadowed by skyscrapers but now surrounded by the ruined buildings. He was currently heading to a Hospital in the middle of the city with Boris "Alpha" Alexandrovich to see if they could find any antibiotics.

A bacterial infection had broken out in the resistance’s camp and the doctors sent the two men out to a hospital they had not yet raided to find some drugs. The hospital they were heading for remained un-raided by the resistance, as the city was full of patrols making it difficult to travel through that deep in to New York. Already the two-man team had to hide from 2 ‘Skull’ patrols, 3 Blackheart squads and 5 aerial gunships.

“We’re coming up to a checkpoint, we’ll rest up there before moving on.” Richard informed holding his rifle under his right arm.

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