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Adelina 'Jewel' Moretti was in a hospital in the heart of the ruins of New York City and she was very angry with herself. She'd always prided herself on her talent for survival and escape, but she'd very nearly been caught again... and the escape resulted in a sprained ankle this time. It was true, she'd walked, and even run on a broken leg before, but it was never easy and far from fun.

Alina limped into a supply room and began rummaging through the items left there. And there it was... she found a wrap and an ankle brace. With a grimace of pain, she sat down on the floor to apply the two items, taking a moment to run a hand through her blond hair, caked with blood and dust from the fight she'd just been in.

"Damned aliens," she muttered softly to herself. And really, what was it with aliens always wanting to destroy the people of earth and take it for themselves? What about the aliens who wanted to help the humans grow and prosper? Where were the damned Vulcans when you needed them? Alina laughed softly and then winced in pain as she snapped the ankle brace into place and struggled to stand. Vulcans were fiction. These insect things were the real deal.

"Guess maybe Star Trek got it wrong," she concluded, strapping her weapons belt back to her waist and drawing one of her G23C's, preparing to leave the hospital.

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