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Originally Posted by Millnsy
why do u all reckon it's lucas arts makin a mmo?? it isnt it's bioware and la have nothing to do with it, that mmo has been gettin made since 2005 and is due out 2009. on bioware the day they announced there teamin up with la they put the next gen project on the drop menu. so there u go.
My argument was
a. Most likely Bioware's MMORPG does not have anything to do with Lucas Arts.
b. If it does, it is not KOTOR based.

There are some people who believe this MMORPG is a KOTOR based MMORPG, but by quoting me, you accidently/unknowingly make me sound as if your statement is directed towards me. If you quote the correct people, you may get a more reasoned argument.
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