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Role models? Ohhh, let's see. From the first game I would have to agree with Carth and Mission. Jolee too, despite not being all goody goody about it. In a way most of the characters have positive traits, as well as some faults. Bastila's blind loyalty to the Jedi for example, or Juhani wrestling with the desire for revenge. Or Revan, how I think he truely was. Sure he was a Sith Lord, but I always think back to him and Mission where he swears the Sith will pay. Given that canologically it was the Cathars that drove him to action in the first place I would say this is a great example of the shades of grey that exist. This is taken to new heights in the second game. Who here would be classed as a good guy or positive role model. The only one I can think of is Lonna Vash, yes you heard me right. Stick on the mod for her, or look at some of the cut content. Best of a motley crew if you ask me.

So what other characters could be seen as positive role models? Han, older Han, where he matures. Even from the second film he improves dramatically and continues to do so as he ages. Jaina for stepping up and realising the way things are even at her young age. Maybe I'm biased but add Mara Jade in there too, even as a Sith she had more morality than most of them.
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