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Wow, you guys sure know how to take a thread and fire a blender into it at full speed... Please keep it on topic. If you want to have debates on the media, or on Ann Coulter, go start another thread.

The point on Coulter is she says stuff that is designed with one thing in mind: her bottom line. I've heard her say it. She says something controversial, her book sales go up. I think that's probably true; she seems like it to me. And if you wanted to, I'm sure you could find someone said something somewhere and they could be turned into a radical.

Fox News and CNN are not Fascists and Communists, respectively. YOU I don't think watch them. Both networks are primarily objective. Each one has a show or two that leans one way or another (Blitzer is left, so is Cooper; Brit Hume is right, O'Reilly is something in between centrist and right) but neither is so radical you can make the claims you did. If it was true, they'd just be huge mind-control machines that want to suck your brains. Maybe now I need a tinfoil hat.

Either way, back to topic please. As for the radicalization of conservatives during Clinton's years, Clinton actually lied under oath. The question then would be why weren't Bush and Cheney impeached for lying about Iraq and starting an illegal war (which the Iraq war actually was according to the U.N. charter.) Well, there was a motion by Kucinich to impeach Cheney that died a quick death today, so obviously there is no will or ability to do that.

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