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[FIC] Across the Stars, the Two Hunters: Zero Mission

Hi, it's been a long time. I wanna try and do a fan-fic again, but this one's a crossover. Between Star Wars and Metroid. If you have any thought at all, please make a comment, if you have any suggestions about my writing, please tell me so I can improve.

Let's start off with a prologue.

The Jedi: They are honourable knights and the guardians of peace. Long have they combated their dark brothers: The Sith. After three wars, the Jedi were dissapearing, Like salt in water, they dissolved by the minute. But one returned. From confusion and barriers, Revan returned and rallied the Jedi, defeated the Sith and saved the Republic. After him, there was the one who followed in his wake. One who had silenced what he had missed. This one was an Exile, she followed and helped keep the Republic safe. For thousands of years the Jedi flourished. But the Sith had apparently returned. But there were prophecies of a chosen one. Who would take up arms and destroy the Sith once and for all. Anakin. Unfortunately, he gave in to passion, and killed his brothers. After a battle with his old master, he lost. It left him badly scarred, Darth Vader would be galactically feared. But there was a new hope, his children would rebel to save the galaxy. In a final showdown, the son of Anakin defeated Vader in battle. But a simple refusal to the Master resulted in the 'punishment' of Luke Skywalker. After seeing his son suffering, Vader was no more. Anakin Skywalker took his master and threw him to his doom and saved the galaxy. The Jedi are now extinct, but they are not forgotten. Statues of them remain scattered far and wide across space.

The Chozo: The peaceful bird race from the Chozodojiria Galaxy. When they were in the need to expand, they took refuge on the planets: Zebes, Tallon IV, SR388, Elysia, and Aether. Their capital was Zebes, on that planet, they invented a biological super computer they call "Mother Brain". The Chozo don't like to take but to give. For thousands of years, they have graciously supplied the Republic now Galactic Federation with weapons and armour. Their craft is odd, but innovative. While building their homes, the Chozo found statues of Jedi. They are impressed of their deeds and they worship them as their dieties. But a series of unfortunate events have forced the Chozo to leave their home on Elysia. The X-Hives of SR388 forced the inhabitants to flee as well. And meteors struck Tallon IV and Aether and the planets were infected with an all corrupting material which forced them away from their homes. The all loving Chozo were now limited to Zebes. All the Chozo are now extinct because of a threat that recently sprung and took the universe by surprise.

Now a few millenia later, in that Galaxy far far away, it is year 20X5. The galaxy is threatened by a Chozo creature-weapon created for peacekeeping called the Metroid. The Galaxy now rests in the fate of a Chozo newborn and a mercenary with a lineage that dates back to Revan. Now is the tale of the Zero Mission of Samus Aran and Cade Skywalker.

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New fanfic Metroid/Star Wars Crossover: Chapter four is up.

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