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Chapter One: Emergency Order






The yellow clouds of Zebes were penetrated by a flaming red starship. The ship's flames cooled at it made its decent from the clouds. It slowed down as it began to land on Crateria. The ship hit the ground gently. The top opened and into the air jumped Samus Aran. Samus landed and took a look around. She was supposed to meet her partner on Crateria, but there was no one else in sight. But suddenly, loud engines assisted the decent of the black ship that was blazing down from the skies. Samus shook her head, she could see the landing wasn't going to be pretty. The pilot now had no control over his ship that was plummeting down to the surface. The pilot couldn't help but brace himself and his starship drifted into a rock wall. It crashed off the wall and curved the other way. "Oh no, not good." Samus screamed to herself as the other ship desended closer and closer to her. She back-flipped away and she heard a loud crash. Pebbles bombarded her as the other ship slid towards hers. The sliding stopped. Samus jumped back on to the top of her ship. From the top of the other ship came a human with a vintage carbine assault rifle and a knife at his side. Samus sighed. "You must be a tourist. You should go back because Zebes isn't safe anymore."

"I'm aware of that. If you're Samus Aran then I'm your partner." the man yelled back.

"By the blood of Revan, I'm so dead." Samus said aside to herself.

"Are you Samus Aran?" the man asked.


"Then I'm Cade Skywalker."

"The Cade Skywalker who's great great grandfather is Anakin Skywalker?"

"I'm assuming so, yes."

Samus jumped down from her ship to meet with her partner. "Lets get one thing straight, you follow me and you'll live. I know Zebes like the back of my hand, so don't wander off and you'll be safe."

Cade couldn't stop looking into Samus's visor with a skeptical look.

"Were you even listening to me there?"

"Yeah, but you look human."


"I thought Chozo evolved from birds."

"I'm not Chozo born. Just Chozo trained." said Samus as she turned around and headed towards a tunnel.

Cade smiled. "So where were you born?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Earth? Like me?"

"It's not important and we're not at liberty to discuss it anyway." Samus snapped.

"Fine, be that way." Cade mumbled "Stuck up bi-"

"THIS WAY!" Samus roared.

Cade rolled his eyes and followed Samus. The tunnel was rocky, but also mossy. Samus touched the side of her helmet and scanned the switch at the end. When she was done, her visor read: "Access to Upper Brinstar granted. Please enter the hologram." Samus turned around to Cade. "Get in, it's not gonna come back up for you."

Cade sighed. "...Ladies first."

Samus entered the elevator and waited for Cade to entered after her. Samus entered the hologram. There was a shake, followed by a rumble, then descent. Many dangers await the two hunters in the mossy caverns of Brinstar. When they step off that elevator and on to Brinstar's rock, the game begins.

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