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Originally Posted by Sith_Lord14
in polis massa, be droids and go outside, you are able to stay alive... (WTF???)

or just jump on the vehicles and slices or just run behind them. Give you engineer a good work out.
You're able to stay alive outside on Polis Massa as a droid because droids don't need air to breath.

If I'm into slicing the vehicles up.. I'm usually on top of the vehicle where I can't get shot.. the player litterally has to get out to kill me.. if he does.. it's easy to jump into the vehicle he was using.

It's easy to stay behind a vehicle.. I can stay behind them all day.. even in close quarters. But add slicing into the mix and it's a bit harder to slice them at the same time as trying to stay behind them.. it can be done.. but it requires some concentration against a good vehicle player (as if they existed.. there's no skill to playing vehicles). I usually go for the critical hit areas when slicing if I'm not on top of the vehicle.

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