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Originally Posted by Prime
That's like saying it is a religious group's fault that they congregated and were attacked by terrorists.
actually probably closer to people hiding in a crowd of civilians who end up causing civilians to get hurt in the crossfire. If that religious group had as its goal the extermination of all who follow another religious code, then hides in a crowd of people, see how the comparison works. IF however the Jedi were to make an attempt at a completely peaceful resolution that didn't equate to "convert or die" then I could see how they were better than the Sith, BUT they don't. They hunt down Sith and kill them. It would be akin to if the Christians were to go out and hunt down every muslim out there and tell them they had to throw off their "evil" religion and embrace the peaceful Christian religion or be forced to die. Jedi are intolerant, judgemental, arrogant, and violent.

No, I'm not attacking Christian, or Muslim beliefs in this. Nor am I trying to say Christianity is good and muslims are evil.
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