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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
That's very much a description of the Sith as well. What's worse they seek to cause harm to the galaxy rather than at least look like they defend it from evil.
Point being that labeling Sith evil is simply a matter of perspective. And the sith don't want to destroy the galaxy. They don't want to harm the galaxy. They seek to be the strongest. As do the Jedi.

"From my point of view the Jedi are evil"

Now, as for my own views, I see the jedi as being evil through apathy AND through action. I see the Sith being evil only through action. Neither is truly free of evil, but neither are they truly evil. They are both good to an extent. And they are both evil to an extent. Denying true love is the greatest of evils in my eyes. If you have ever met your true love, you would know this. Denying emotion from someone. Telling them that they should not feel passion. Passion and love have inspired some of the greatest stories of all time. Again, try to see from the opposite side. It is infinately easier to argue that the jedi, whom Lucas has made to be heroes, are good, but step out and see how the the Sith are good. It may even help you in your own life to keep from being too judgemental.

Think of it this way. Robin hood. A common thief who badgers the helpless only because they have earned themselves some money. A gang leader. A violent criminal. He would be evil in some people's view. A bank robber does the same thing.

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