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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Of course, we wouldn't do it without you. :3 Just gotta make sure that Jae's all done in the Garden of Seborhin before she does it, since it turns into an Escher-esque nightmare when the Grand Court is complete. And I know she's hell bent on her quest for more Trade Contracts. xD
The Garden of Seborhin (AKA The Hall of Giants) should be done unless there are any quests there not listed in the wiki. Jae and I did all the quests there yesterday; the ones offered by Hedge Wizard Mabai and Horticulturist Hinon, as well as the quest received in the mines that require you to go there.

(And if that mission blocks access to the Garden it would be too late anyway since we did that mission yesterday as well, even though it took too long and we didn't get all the altars. )

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