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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Of course, we wouldn't do it without you. :3 Just gotta make sure that Jae's all done in the Garden of Seborhin before she does it, since it turns into an Escher-esque nightmare when the Grand Court is complete. And I know she's hell bent on her quest for more Trade Contracts. xD
It looks like we got them all done yesterday. At least there were two of us picking up leaves and bags so that saved us a little time.

19 contracts down, 72 to go....
I think I can only earn something like 27 contracts max (barring gifts--thanks everyone who's given me one!). I'm a few rubies closer to that Vabbian armor now.

I'll be looking forward to mastering that mission tonight, too. We had a little problem last night--the bars apparently are supposed to turn blue when the rifts are secured, and that never happened--so there I was, following Aoife's instructions to the letter to stand on that rift until the bar turned blue, so I think I was less than useless for most of that mission. Now that I know we just have to wait until the update says it's secured, I'll be able to help out better.

Oh, we also learned that getting separated is a great way of getting picked off by those damn Margonites.

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