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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
19 contracts down, 72 to go....
I think I can only earn something like 27 contracts max (barring gifts--thanks everyone who's given me one!). I'm a few rubies closer to that Vabbian armor now.
You and your expensive armor tastes. xD I still have to get through Dzagonur with my necro, but once she's done with that, she gets a whole slew of quests with trade contracts as rewards, so they're all yours when I gets them.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I'll be looking forward to mastering that mission tonight, too. We had a little problem last night--the bars apparently are supposed to turn blue when the rifts are secured, and that never happened--so there I was, following Aoife's instructions to the letter to stand on that rift until the bar turned blue, so I think I was less than useless for most of that mission. Now that I know we just have to wait until the update says it's secured, I'll be able to help out better.
Yeah, the hard part is getting to the point where you can capture the rifts, since those damned Clerics make thing so much more difficult. Everyone needs to bring along Lightbringer's Gaze and nuke the bejeezus out of them. If we can get nearly a full group going, I think we'll be fine. :3
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