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((OCC- I obviously misinterpreted Corinthians D&R post and thought he had already met the resistance. So only Richard and 'Alpha' are in the resistance and heading for the hospital for them.))

Richard laughed at his Russian companions comment as he walked up to the subway entrance, it had been covered with a barricade and made to look like it was debris, infact it was just a cover to prevent the Alien forces from finding it. He knocked on an old Van door twice waited a five seconds and then knocked three more times. He waited 30 seconds before he frowned and looked over at Alpha. “Something’s wrong.” Cole Stated as he raised his rifle up and reached for the Van door handle.

He pulled the door open and gasped, it was suppose o be locked at all times and if it wasn’t it meant it had either been forced open or the Checkpoint had been abandoned, neither was good. Looking over the door there was no sign of it being forced so Richard slowly entered and signalled for Alpha to do the same and keep his eye’s open.

Walking down the wide staircase deeper into the small Subway station sign of a fight could be seen everywhere Blood stains, bullet holes and clunks of concrete scattered the floor and walls. As they reached the bottom the bodies of three resistance fighters were lying dead on the floor, all three were riddled with bullet holes.
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