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Nothing ever really looked better when you got close. New York was no exception. Aside from having been a warzone for alien invaders with giant robots, eighteen months of neglect had most of the buildings coming apart at the seams. Alien craft buzzed overhead.

"John, get back to the camp and tell them to get undercover. We've got Bugs."

John, a tall middle-aged fellow, nodded and turned around. Ed looked at Robert. "You think we can get everything we need with just two people?"

"We'll improvise. Grab a wheelbarrow or something when it comes up. What's first on the list?"

"Uh...I think the food."

"Alright, we'll head for the hospital first and raid any grocery stores and gun shops as we go past. If we run into any robots, shoot and run, don't stand and fight."

"I know the drill, Robert."

Robert nodded. He wasn't really comfortable having Ed here, the fellow was a solid guy with a fiance back at the camp, but he'd be uncomfortable with anyone here."

"What hospital we heading to?"

Robert had nabbed a map out of a glove compartment of some car that got split in half. He pointed towards the center of the city. "The place is huge, if any place has meds that survived, it's that place. About three miles from here."

Ed groaned theatrically, then grinned at Robert. "Hey, check it out, New York Arms. It's either a prosthetic shop or a gun store."

"You're a laugh a minute, Ed."
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