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Boris followed several steps behind his American colleague with his senses turned to notice anything behind him. It would be bad to get surprised in a wide staircase such as this. The man looked behind himself ever so often to make sure he wasn't being followed by a Blackheart or a machine and if he were, he had his revolver ready and cocked. As he glanced at the walls, he had to admit that the guards had put up one hell of a fight, even if he didn't know how the enemy had gotten inside. The only possibilities were that the Blackhearts knew their code or one of the guards had gone rogue.

As they reached the lower end of the stairs, he knelt down next to one of the bodies and let out a grunt.
"They sure put up a good fight" he said as he closed the eyelids on the body he knelt next to.
"We better forget the rest and grab any supplies we can get from here before leaving. We need to get that hospital" Alpha said and stood up, unloading his revolver and holstering it before looking around nervously.

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