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New York Arms had been thoroughly raided.

"Aliens didn't do this, they've got no use for guns."

Ed nodded. Most of the guns had been taken, but there was a pump-action shotgun under the counter and a revolver in a spring clip. Ed fiddled with it for a moment, then popped the revolver out. "There we go." He shoved it through his belt. They loaded up on the remaining ammo and headed out, Robert now toting a shotgun.

"Back on the road."

A clanking noise came from outside. Robert dropped down and pulled Ed down alongside. Peering around the counter, he saw four of the robots, steel skeletons, about man-size.


Ed nodded and readied his own shotgun. "Stay down..."

The bots paused in front of the building and looked in for a moment, then continued past. Robert let out his breath, but didn't move for a few more minutes. "Alright, let's get to that hospital on the double. That was too close."
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