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Originally Posted by wilv
I had this wookiee mod ages ago ( http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...ee_as_PC;81164 ) but got rid of it because of the crotch lightning. It worked fine on the character selection though, figured it might help since you mentioned in the readme that there are problems in that area with these wooks
Thanks, but I've tried that wookiee too, and it has the same problem I have during character creation. When a non-humanoid PC shows up in this screen
and I select it, when I get to this screen
once I click on Portrait, the game freezes up and quits. As far as I can tell, it will happen with any PC that is made up of a single model (instead of a head model & a human body model). But as long as I select a human, then scroll over to the wookiee's portrait, it works fine.
Another way to do it, is to assign the PC an invisible head in the head.2da. I didn't like that either because when you put headwear on the character, they float around and look in a different direction than the PC. Oh well, as long as I can rip up the galaxy as a wookiee, I'm happy

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