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Originally Posted by stoffe
I can't remember seeing anyone be hit for the full damage so far. Is holy damage blocked by armor? If it is, is there any type of damage that ignores the armor of the target?
I've always been able to hit Margonite casters at 100... O_o. There is armor-ignoring damage, but I can't remember what skill it is at the moment. :S

Originally Posted by stoffe
Is there some way to reduce the cooldown time of skills?
The only skill I can recall at this moment is the Ranger skill Serpent's Quickness, which reduces cooldown time by 33%. There might be one or two others, but I can't really remember right now since it's Friday and my brain is mush.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Woohoo!! Made it to master's on Dzagonur last night (thanks Niner, stoffe, and Aoife), and stoffe and I got through a master-difficulty quest "Between a rock" before calling it a day (night?).
Too much fun.
Oh gawd, what have I done? I've created monsters. MONSTERS, I say. Again, my condolences to Jimbo. xD
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