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Robert looked at the hospital through his binoculars. "Yup, that's the place. Not in quite as good a shape as I was hoping, but better than I was expecting. Looks like they only blew a chunk off and shattered part of one wing. I think we can find what we're looking for there."

Their packs were stuffed with canned food and the ammo they had scavenged from the gun shop, and the weight was getting a little annoying. More than a little, actually, it made fast movement a pain and it was cutting into his shoulders.

"Come on, Ed, buck up. We're almost there." The younger man grunted and hoisted his pack. "Keep your eyes -"

"Peeled for the Terminator, I know."

Robert chuckled. He had been sort of pounding that into the younger man's head. They walked through the threshold into the hospital, taking a look around the abandoned 24-hour clinic. "Guess that guarantee wore out."

Ed gave him a glance. "This is the end of the world, you know. Do you ever stop making wisecracks about it?"

"Hey, the world ended a year ago. Now we're just cruising along the post-apocalyptic wilderness. Check the wall map, look for one of the pharmacies. I'll go find the bandages and antiseptics and stuff."

Ed nodded and walked off, out of the clinic. Robert wandered around, keeping a steady stream of mingled German obscenities. The place had been thoroughly raided, even of bedsheets. He'd need to go deeper into the hospital to find anything of note. "Ed! We'll meet back here in twenty minutes. If I'm late, head back to the camp without me."

Ed nodded and kept walking.

He headed towards the other door, towards the Emergency Room. Along the way, voices came out of one of the doors. He couldn't catch any of the words, but he did pump the shotgun, loading a slug into the chamber.

Sounded like a fairly young woman and a man. Most likely refugees, but Lionel told me he'd seen some people collaborating with the aliens.

He held his shotgun at the ready, but didn't enter the room. If they were as jumpy as some of the rest of the refugees, he'd probably get plugged full of holes.
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