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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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As the door swung open and the Russian’s flashlight filled the room, a lone man could be seen sitting with his back against the wall hands in front of his face, palms facing the two resistance fighters defensively. The man’s hands stopped them from seeing his face but they could see his body and it was wearing the all too familiar uniform of a blackheart.

“Don’t shoot!” the man shouted still holding his hands out.

Richard was about to ignor the mans request and shoot him anyway, after all the blackheats wouldn’t think twice about doing it to him. Then the man’s hands lowered slightly to show his face and Richard recognised him.

“Cabble?” Richard asked looking at the man confused.

“Cole!” The man stated. “Thank God it’s you.”

Richard lowered his gun and moved his hand over onto the barrel of Boris’ gun so he would lower it too. “It’s OK Ruskie, He’s with us.”
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