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Originally Posted by redrob41
Thanks, but I've tried that wookiee too, and it has the same problem I have during character creation. When a non-humanoid PC shows up in this screen and I select it, when I get to this screen once I click on Portrait, the game freezes up and quits. As far as I can tell, it will happen with any PC that is made up of a single model (instead of a head model & a human body model). But as long as I select a human, then scroll over to the wookiee's portrait, it works fine. Another way to do it, is to assign the PC an invisible head in the head.2da. I didn't like that either because when you put headwear on the character, they float around and look in a different direction than the PC. Oh well, as long as I can rip up the galaxy as a wookiee, I'm happy
Yes, all full-body models do that. As was verified with that (my) Wookiee mod and my K1 Revan as PC mod, if you see the full body of a full-body model it will crash when one clicks on their portrait at the Character Generation.

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