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I think Totenkopf summed it up pretty well. It doesn't matter whether you think it should or shouldn't have been was investigated, whether you like it or not. The fact that Clinton lied about it just goes to show that he knew he screwed up. He knew he was wrong, so he lied to try to get out of the situation.

Also, the fact that the Democrats have no moral standards is nothing to be proud of - it just shows how low the Democrats have fallen, and why they shouldn't be held up a leaders. The party that supported Gerry Studs (sex with an underage congressional page), Mel Reynolds (sex with an underage campaign volunteer), Bill Clinton (sex with a White House intern), and William Jefferson (caught taking a bribe in an FBI sting) should not be leading America into the future (and let's not forget Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquiddick, Robert Byrd's history in the KKK).

I don't expect politicians to be perfect...they're humans. But the group of scumbags that are running America today are a disgrace to this great nation. Personally, I'm beginning to think we should throw them all out & start over.

Oh, and I find it amusing that you bring up Bush's approval rating. Have you seen Congress' approval rating since your beloved Dems took control? Their approval ratings are even lower than Bush's.

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