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Rccar, you make it sound like the Republicans haven't had numerous embarassing sex scandals and bribery scandals as well. Go ahead and list the Dems who have gotten in trouble, but I could make a list equally as long if not longer of Republicans who have been engaged in prostitution, infidelity, bribery, underage sex, etc., but personally I would find that an endless waste of time, and I have to go to work in about a half hour.

Originally Posted by rccar328
Oh, and I find it amusing that you bring up Bush's approval rating. Have you seen Congress' approval rating since your beloved Dems took control? Their approval ratings are even lower than Bush's.
The Republicans in Congress have even lower approval ratings than the Dems, BTW. So much for that.

And personally, I find the Democratic Party pretty pathetic; they're far from beloved when it comes to me. It's just that the Republican Party is the biggest bunch of holier-than-thou hypocritical neanderthals in the country.
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